When will Private Health Funds issue your 2020 tax statement?

Jul 03, 2020

Started doing 2019/20 returns and every one of them have been held up by private health funds yet to submit the annual tax statement with the ATO.

So when is your health fund due to have their tax statement ready?


AHM and Defence Health available now.

Navy Health, BUPA and NIB expected 6 July 2020

HCF expected 7 July 2020

Teachers Health expected 8 July 2020

St Lukes Health expected 13 July 2020

WestFund and CBHS expected 14 July 2020

GU Health and Medibank expected 15 July 2020

Australian Unity and Frank Health expected 20 July 2020


It’s frustrating for me so I can only imagine how annoyed people who are desperate for their refund are.  I really don't know why in this day & age that these can't be ready by 2 July each year.

Remember if you need help with your 2019/20 tax return then please contact me on 1800 TAXMAN (1800 829 626) or email me adrian@mrtaxman.com.au 


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Author: Mr Taxman, Dr Adrian Raftery


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